Tower Erection

Mission 1 Communications has vast experience in erecting monopoles, guyed towers, and self-support towers. Mission 1 Communications working for Motorola on the Michigan State Police system Mission 1 Communications installed more than 180 towers throughout the State of Michigan in all types of terrain conditions. These towers had an average height of 430 feet, and included many guyed towers close to 500 feet as well as dozens of 485’ foot self-support towers. Mission 1 Communications also worked on homeland security project with Motorola for the State of Virginia STARS project and completed almost three hundred towers. Mission 1 Communications has also erected many specialty stealth structures including, tree poles, flag poles, clock towers, Doppler radar towers, FAA radar structures. We have also had a great deal of experience with small towers for local, county and commercial entities. No install is too small or too tough for our experienced erectors.